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OoD spam is the best spam. Are you using key maps for that ? One for targeting the next thing and casting OoD, another for casting OoD on current target (with "use old target by default" checked in options):

*tm2a and m2a, and book 2 inscribed with @m2.

With that kind of setup (I have those keys mapped to F1 and F2, respectively) you can breeze through the midgame.

While it is possible to even kill M with OoD, its painfully slow; for the quick and dirty way to finish your game, get a better ring of speed, a ring of con and some good ammo, acid branded and evil slaying. Oh and/or a nice stack of wands of annihilation. Thats about all it really takes.

If you get lucky and find a good weapon of whack, melee on a rune of protection is also great, but for that you want some more boxes checked: str/dex for max blows, sustains, also higher level for more hit points and hit rating.

Noarmally you get the archery setup ready before a satisfactory melee setup is achieved; but go down and clear a deep vault or three, and see what you find. Good luck!
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