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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
Am I the only person who hates staffs/scrolls/spells of *destruction*? I feel like it.
I sort of wish Angband was designed around TO not existing. I find the dynamic of --lots of super deadly stuff and so the solution is to TO-- gets kind of stale and cheesy after awhile. Sometimes I enjoy my games where I find _Destruction before -TO and have to be clever about luring out baddies and destructing them and then going back to the vault for loot. It's also annoying when you have a promising character that somehow never finds TO and then ultimately is sunk because of it (I play forced descent so scumming for TO isn't something I do--scumming in general is a playstyle I try to avoid).

This game is virtually impossible without TO. I think the game would be more interesting if there weren't any devices that were critical to success or forward progress and trivialized the danger. Sure, some would be more coveted than others, but none that make or break forward progress.

Self Teleport is sometimes critical but usually only for a certain period of the game (say DL20s to late DL40s) and carries risks and is more interesting overall. I'm okay with certain resistances and protections like free action, base resists, see invisible and poison being necessary, but I kind of wish the the game had less [aggro / super dangerous] enemies and no TO or TO that is super rare and not required to win (like as a rare activation on artifacts or something like that). And maybe Mages could exclusively keep it as a later game, powerful spell.

This is why the early game is still the most fun (though the end game I suppose is more interesting than it used to be with all the ridiculous uber-passwallers that now exist. I love playing Half Troll warrior because with decent gear I can tackle most every situation the game throws at me up until DL40 without TO and I have to take calculated risks and I have to be clever (and a little lucky) to survive tricky situations. It's more fun when very few things can one shot you but many things can still kill you quick. This way TO is not absolutely needed, the game is more exciting, and it's still plenty hard.

In general I agree, I don't like destruction because I can never be certain something worthwhile got destroyed--it's an "escape" that carries with it good caveats which makes it more interesting than TO.

So in its current state to compensate for TO's overpoweredness the game design has relied on sillily overpowered monsters that summon like crazy or breathe every horrible element known to @ which just makes @ avoid / TO those monsters completely which isn't all that interesting gameplay.
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