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Main Gauches and Wakizashis do halve the penalty of dual
wield if used in the off hand weapon...

Really, the only classes good (viable) at dual wielding are
Berzerker, Fighter, Samurai, Rogue and Ninja.

For the skill to raise, it is needed to hit high-level monsters.
As the above classes start with 4000 in the skill and
still the penalty is huge, i can see why it is really hard to try
one of the classes that canīt max dual wield.
Maxed, penalty is pretty low.
You start raising the skill (at 4000) hitting monsters around mlvl 20.
You start raising the skill (at 0) hitting monsters around mlvl 5.
Monsters at mlvl 50 or more will always raise skill.

To counteract penalties, it is a must with anything other than berzerk
to carry !hero and ?bless.
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