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T2 class idea: Golemcrafter

Golemcrafters build golems (duh). I figure they fit best as a Loremaster subclass, though a Mage subclass makes more thematic sense.

Skill tree:

Combat (+0.0, +0.5)
- Weaponmastery (+0.0, +0.5)
Sneakiness (+0.0, +0.9)
- Stealth (+0.0, +0.4)
- Disarming (+0.0, +0.9)
Magic (+1.0, +0.9)
- Magic-device (+1.0, +1.0)
- Golemcraft (+1.0, +0.8)
Spirituality (+0.0, +0.5)
- Prayer (+0.0, +0.5)
Monster-lore (+1.0, +1.0)
Golemcraft includes the following spells. Spells require gold as well as SP, more gold for more powerful golems. Golem levels are boosted by half of total Golemcraft skill level. Spells cannot be cast at all with insufficient gold or SP.

Stone Golem (level 1, 10 SP, 1000 gold)
Raises a stone golem from the ground you're standing on.

Iron Golem (level 10, 20 SP, 5000 gold)
Raises an iron golem, using the rock of the dungeon and lots of coinage. Assume the golem doesn't actually have much iron in it.

Mithril Golem (level 20, 30 SP, 25000 gold)
Creates an expensive mithril golem.

Eog Golem (level 30, 40 SP, 125000 gold)
Creates a mighty eog golem.

Bronze Golem (level 40, 50 SP, 625000 gold)
Creates a demonic, spellcasting bronze golem. (The price tag is worth it.)


I'm working on an implementation of this, but I have to ask: does this sound anywhere near balanced? In particular, I wonder if stone golems near the beginning of the game are too powerful, price tag or no.

(Summoning bronze golems sounds horrible too, but Demonologists can already summon leveled greater demons, Symbiants with greater Qs can summon endless platoons of Wyrms, etc. Player mass summoning is kind of a fact of life in T2.)
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