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Originally Posted by Donald Jonker View Post
Any chance of a little elaboration in the vulgate?
Well, aggravation, random teleportation and acid immunity are quite different things and not really comparable. But if you said (note - hypothetically, these are in no sense the real numbers) aggravation is -2 to power, random teleport is -2 and imm acid is + 10, then overall this is power 6. Which is not very meaningful, but gives an idea of general quality.

Originally Posted by Daniel Fishman View Post
One comment: if you're squelching or destroying on pseudo, what you want to know is the sum of all the good stuff, rather than (good - bad) as the bad effects may be something that you don't care about (e.g. aggravation if you're already wielding something that aggravates). But that said, I can see the (thematic) logic behind having it (good - bad).
Yes, I've already thought that this may be painful for squelch. I should have mentioned (and have elsewhere):
  • ID will become either automatic or very common fairly early in the game. So pseudo will be an early game phenomenon.
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