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Originally Posted by debo View Post
[U] It  (Clear 'x')
=== Num:393  Lev:24  Rar:3  Spd:+0  Hp:847  Ac:80  Exp:400
Nobody has ever seen It.
It is normally found on dungeon level 24, and moves at normal speed.
Killing this evil thief is worth about 3200.00 points for a 1st level
character. It reflects bolt spells. It may shriek for help. It is magical,
casting spells intelligently which drain mana, terrify, blind, confuse,
heal-self, blink-self, teleport to, teleport away, create darkness, create
traps, cause amnesia, summon a monster, summon hydras or summon an undead;
25% of the time. It has an armor rating of 80 and a life rating of 847. It
is invisible. It is cold blooded. It is not detected by telepathy. It
resists lightning and fire. It cannot be confused, slept or teleported. It
takes a while to see intruders, which it may notice from 250 feet. It may
carry up to 3 exceptional objects. It can gaze to blind with damage 8d8,
touch to terrify, gaze to lower experience (by 40d6+), and touch to steal
It's appalling.
Nah, I already killed It, and it only has 25% chance to cast. That thing was clearly casting every round, confusing + cursing + dealing 100+ damage and summoning. I was thinking of a scroll/chest mimic, but it only has 1_in_5. Otherwise, spell frequency is broken...
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