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Originally Posted by Atriel View Post
I like this, as i mostly always play with less than 10 skills, but think its a bad idea overall because it would be a turn-off to lots of players (IE the ones that like to pump 15 skills heh)
And this change would *require* a change to the pots of gain skill also...

Sugestion to implement this:
One would choose at startup a "mode of play"
MUNCHKIN - can max lots (all) skills (just like it is now)
NORMAL - like #1 from quote, but say, power 200 ?
HARDCORE - like #1 from quote (power level 100 is like 3 skills? or 6 half-upped skills?)
This is not too far from my suggestion. I think it's important that the number of skills is made explicit, whether you allow the player to choose it, or impose it on him. People need to be able to plan their builds, and capping xp spend at power 100 prevents that - especially as different skills have different costs (which vary by race).

If you do want to use the power 100 cap instead of a hard limit on #skills, then you need to include a power calculator / skill planner, where players can type in what skills they want and find out whether those skills are achievable before power 100.

But I would much prefer the sort of birth choices discussed previously. I might want to spend some games limited to very few skills, and other games dabbling in many. Birth choices allow this; a power 100 cap does not.

Looking forward to the next version,

P.S. Potions of gain skill need to be more intelligent: avoid any skills at 0%, and avoid any skills at trigger-points, i.e. where raising them further would trigger some consequent exclusion or penalty (e.g. I think raising a melee weapon skill above 50% prevents certain spellcasting oaths).
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