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Diary of Halfast the Human Warrior

So I'm back to playing regular Angband after dying too much in new angband (and also don't like how shield bash isn't used intelligently, and waiting for monster descriptions to be fleshed out more). I decided to change things up a bit by playing human warrior. My starting distributions of stats were 12 STR, 6 DEX and 2 CON. This gives me a very healthy 3.3 blows per round. Playing with usual settings of disconnected stairs and forced descent. Right out of the gate I read ?DD and quickly level up without much fuss on a yellow dragonfly.

This has been a wonderfully smooth adventure so far. Found a rod of TO on the floor of DL7 (2-7 level). Then Lagduf drops me a wonderful metal cap of rPois on DL15 that has <+3> STR, DEX, INT. Super nice find! Early TO makes the whole affair super chill. Levels have been favorable, too, without any super dangerous stuff; on DL8 I TO'd away a druid (native DL13) a few times. Easy peasy. TO'd a DEX draining ghost and killed another one right after using a ring of the dog; again, no issues there (often those buggers cause me a great deal of aggravation, and sometimes death). It's been awhile since I've had such an easy run. I also haven't had any issues with infravision so far, which I often due playing humans. Found 5 mushrooms of second sight early on, too.

Now I'm on DL22 and 7000 turns. Still don't have FrAct so let's see if I can die a disappointing, early death.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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