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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Wiruin is annoying, but he's only dangerous if you blunder into him. The top Balrogs are horrible, i agree. But grinding DL 84 isnt materially different from grinding DL 98. Youre less likely to find DL 100 items, but those are very much a luxury.
tbh, i know you may be horrified by this, but once i have ESP, i practically never use detection.
Yeha i mean MAYBE if i see an empty room and all the sudden half a dozen unique spawn - then i will.

So to me the very presence of Wiruin is a death sentence.
Look, i was doing playtesting, ok? Wizarded character, and exit out of any death - i STILL couldn't get past him.

It's not just Wiruin, i just don't get the same good feeling from 4.2 that i get from 4v1.

I get it, it's "new", but i like the previous version better.

And those passwall breeders can get ******.
"i can take this dracolich"
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