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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I wouldn't quite say balance is out, but I'm certainly happy for stuff to be broken before it gets fixed properly.

While we're at it, here's a proposed set of Mage spells along the lines I was suggesting earlier - this is the uncontroversial caster class, with the most spells

Town Book 1

Detect Monsters (which monsters to be determined)
Phase Door
Sense Objects
Detect Doors/Stairs
Teleport Other

Town Book 2

Magic Missile
Lightning Bolt
Frost Bolt
Fire Bolt
Acid Bolt
Fire Ball

Dungeon Book 1

Resist Cold
Resist Fire
Rune of Protection (possibly only effective against some monsters)

Dungeon Book 2

Door Creation
Stair Creation
Teleport Level
Directed Teleport (targeted, but random within 10 grids of target)
Mass Banishment

Dungeon Book 3

Shock Wave
Mana Bolt
Thrust Away (force bolt, with push back)
Mana Storm
Note that mana cost and level of learning haven't been specified yet, so order within books is likely wrong.
A couple things.

Stinking cloud is missing. That's needed for early game crowd control. This can "become" cloud kill in the late game without too much issue, just like OoD gets upgraded at level 30. You do want an AOE spell that doesn't destroy items.

Teleport self should probably be in book 1. Teleport other should be in a later book. Magic missile should be in book 1. Unless mage gets 2 books to start. They need MM to be able to survive the early game without it being dreadfully boring.

Haste self should appear somewhere in the arcane book.

Word of Destruction is missing, although I could see getting behind only allowing this on items. It's a very powerful escape spell.

Thrust away should just be Rift. It's already a very interesting spell and one that I like playing with. No need to change that one.

Resist cold and fire could just be one spell like in Priest. You could also consider a Resist acid and elec, and a resist poison. Cold and Fire are in some sense the least important double resists to have spells for because they have items that give temp resist.

I would like to see status effect spells coming back in the game, but just more powerful. Sleep monster is a great candidate for a spell. It just needs to be much more effective. That should be the go-to spell in the early game for avoiding monsters.
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