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Originally Posted by CyclopsSlayer View Post
I don't play V, or haven't in twenty years so the below may be an overreaction, but...

How is blindly blundering into traps remotely fun? If traps still exist, but the ability to find them goes away, just have the RNG randomly remove items, XP, and HP, occasionally teleporting the player up/down/into other dungeons?

Won't this require a massive redesign and rebalance? Classes that can set traps, NPC's that create them. Rods/Staves/Wands/Scrolls removed or repurposed. Search is also used to find secret doors, traps on chests.
To know exactly what I mean, either play the latest V or look through the changelogs. The searching/trap mechanisms were changed.

Honestly spamming detect traps and the s command are tedious and I'd rather remove traps from the game entirely than keep them. I think V came up with a decent compromise.
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