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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
My personal take on status effects is that effects that remove all options from the player aren't very interesting unless they're heavily telegraphed and there are clear actions the player can take to avoid being hit by the status effect in the first place. Angband does not do a good job of telegraphing anything, so paralysis is not very interesting in it.

As an alternative, consider replacing paralysis with temporary slowing. Make it impossible to clear with CCW/Curing if you like. Being slow is still quite dangerous, but the player still has options.
In pos a lot of these things get you until you learn to adjust to it. Probably a play style thing but I tend to have 3 pips of rfear (1 being !heroism) just because that's pretty much the pt where fear won't paralyze you. I like the new FA. The dracolisk paralyzes you flashing on the screen is a nice shock even (or because) you are still alive and unparalayzed the next turn. I don't like FA (& SI) breaking pos's (heng's?) rule of 3. 3 rfire is 100% equipment protection, same with acid etc. 3 rfear is a little different but the safe pt from personel experience. 3 FA should just work, 3 SI should just work. At least in my opinion.

Edit: cloakers are pretty dangerous for there depth. I never notice the issue, as they appear in my monster list window but I have seen how hard they can hit. They suck.
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