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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
If you try to connect to Billsey's server, it is Version: 1.1.11 (Build 9), so you need a client with exactly that version. I don't maintain old versions, especially builds that are not final builds (which is build 10 for 1.1.11).

To play PWMangband, the easiest way is to play on your own server. If you make it public (via the REPORT_TO_METASERVER option), other players will also be able to play on your server.


But I do not know how to setup server, I would like to try it.

As I wrote at TomeNET forum considering Windows server:

Please could anyone post tutorial for dummies - which server reqs. do I need to start server, how to do so & etc? I wanna to start server to learn how TomeNET works, how it stores it's data & etc.
The same thing comes to PWMangband server Also interesting, is it possible to start server at Raspberry Pi, for example? If so it could be not too hard to estabilish server with up-to-date version of PWMangband and Mangband with such mini-server.
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