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Originally Posted by Thraalbee View Post
As long as we keep getting up to 2-3 vaults and special rooms per level that is going to be hard to implement. I think those are too plentiful, but that is what we see today. You could just ignore vault guardians, but then you would possibly be better of with the current scheme where a high monster value often equals one or more vaults which is important information.
There's also an argument for the reverse too. The trouble is there aren't a lot of options for making the last levels more dangerous other then shrinking space, uping monster density or uping the danger on things that already have too many hps to start with. Big leaky vaults give you a timer mechanism to flood a level with nasties.

Of course there's always just making most of the late game passwall, diggers & dungeon wreckers. Just mess with people building anti-summon corriders to the point you can use a saner number of enemies.

Edit: Maybe large late game dragons could dig? but only if they can't find a reasonable path through shoving aside smaller critters?

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