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Class Attribute Differences

Hi, I'm actually playing Moria (will move on to Angband soon!) but I think the answer will be the same and I didnt really know where else to ask. Sorry if this is the wrong place.

I just am confused about the difference between classes when it comes to the attributes like Fight, Bows, Magic Device, etc. Are they scaled to your race/class or are they universal? In other words, is a Mage that's "Excellent" at fighting going to be the same strength as a Warrior that's "Excellent" at fighting? Or is "Excellent" relative to your class?

I've been playing Rangers so far but if eventually you're going to get everything to "Excellent" does class kind of become irrelevant in the later game? What's the incentive to play a Warrior if other classes can eventually get Excellent at fighting and also have access to spells?
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