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Is there some error with handling monster turns while confused?

Here's my message log (normal speed, hallucinating, confused), I'm trying to attack the troll each round:

You hit the Amethyst serpent.
The Amethyst serpent batters you.
You are knocked back.
A vapour fills the air & you feel yourself becoming lightheaded.
You are confused!
You recover your footing.
You are confused. (move SE)
There is a wall in the way! (free wall head-butt?)
You miss the Amethyst serpent. (free turn?)
You are confused.
There is a wall in the way!
You hit the Amethyst serpent.
You feel less confused now.
The amethyst serpent misses you.

As far as I can see I've gained a free attack & headbutted the wall several turns without being attacked. The troll was not next to the trap when I triggered it:

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