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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
  • With the mauler skill "close in", selecting the skill then cancelling cancels the action, but the cost in HP is still deducted
Thanks, a few quick comments:

- Quest rewards cannot be lost *just* because the player has a full pack (the reward is dumped outside); however, if the player then does some routine-feeling thing like going back in to request a new quest without picking up the reward first, then the reward will be lost. While avoidable, this is obviously not player-friendly, and I'll try to think of some solution to it.

- Showing item weight on examination is a good idea.

- Adding the life rating in the character sheet is also something I'll probably do.

- I don't think most players auto-center the map while walking; certainly I don't. You can make it a default setting in your own copy either by using the same savefile repeatedly (thereby inheriting the old player's options as defaults) or by editing pref-opt.prf.

- Displaying weapon damage for non-equipped weapons is a good suggestion, but one that would be very tricky to implement. Vanilla does this, and it has been a constant headache to maintainers. Implementing it here might be even harder, since Vanilla doesn't have to worry about multiple weapon slots.

- Telling the player that unimprovable items are unimprovable seems reasonable (the same goes for items that can be enchanted but aren't affected by it, like robes of the twilight).

- It will always be possible for the same randart name to appear repeatedly, because the list of randart names is finite and will be exhausted eventually. What could be done is make sure no name will appear twice before the list is exhausted, but it's a lot simpler from a maintaining point of view to simply allow it to happen, and trust that it doesn't happen too often (or at least too obviously too often) as long as the list has enough names. I will probably add more names for randart rings in the next version.

- Artifact quivers have been suggested before, it's an interesting concept but I don't really have any great ideas for what an artifact quiver would actually do.

- I have no idea whether glove slays not applying to unarmed combat was originally intended or not. I would say that 1) it feels strange from a logic point of view but 2) before I change it, I'd like to hear from players with monk experience what it would do to monk balance, and whether it would make unarmed combat too strong (my instinct is that it probably would).

- I will look into Close In, it doesn't feel like something that should be uncancellable.
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