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Hrm. Maybe I'm blind, because I don't see the option of setting it to be an "Enhancement." Maybe you need to add me to some list or something?

Here's another class idea for you, that's a bit wacky:

The Duelist

The duelist is the ultimate one-on-one fighter, but finds himself at a severe disadvantage when facing numerous strong foes.

Class features: +2 HD, Mindcrafter-like skills. Not proficient with any ranged weapon.
-50 AC. -15 Saving Throw.
Melee attacks limited to 1. +10+(X/2) bonus to damage.

Faces Monk-like weight penalties. If above weight limit, none of the duelist's special abilities function.

The Duelist's abilities are magical in nature. If the Duelist has an antimagic field about him, his abilities cease to function.

Class abilities:

Mark Target - lvl 1. Mark a target as your designated foe. Against that foe, you gain +100 AC, +30 Saving Throw, and all damage by your foe is reduced by 1/3. You can use this action to change who you mark as a foe, but you can only mark 1 foe at a time.

The duelist gains a certain number of passive abilities against his marked foe, depending on level. All effects apply.

1 - Perfect Strike. The duelist never misses against his marked foe. If the duelist is using a Poison Needle, his chance of causing a fatal blow is significantly improved (+50%?). The duelist may mark any foe that he has knowledge of (i.e. Line of Sight, or ESP)

5 - Stealthy approach. The duelist's Stealth is treated as 5 higher against his foe.

10 - Careful aim. The player's weapon is automatically treated as vorpal, even if it is blunt.

15 - Hamstring. The foe is slowed unless it makes a saving throw.

20 - Wounding Strike. Unless the foe makes a saving throw, his hit points are reduced by 20% (max 200), in addition to normal damage.

25 - Stunning Blow. Unless the foe makes a saving throw, he is stunned for 1 round.

30 - Unending Pursuit. Player always has option to follow foe if foe tries to teleport. Player has option to avoid being teleported away by foe.

35 - Endless Duel. Player has option to immediately mark a new foe upon killing his current foe (without spending another action).

40 - Greater Wounding Strike. Unless the foe makes a saving throw, his hit points are reduced by 40% (max 2000), in addition to normal damage.

45 - Nemesis. Player cannot be killed by his foe. If his foe does enough damage to kill the player, the damage is completed negated, but the monster is no longer considered "foe." Additionally, the player becomes Heavily Stunned.
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