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The curse that isn't

I can't tell you the number of times some critter has teleported @ away, and I've said "If only there were some way of stopping an unwanted teleport."
Teleport traps
Titans (who will gleefully do the "come hither" trick when you've lined up a corridor for your speed-enhanced ranger to turn Bubba into a pincushion from afar)
Some way-down uniques - Witch King, iirc, teleports you away just as you've got him down to an asterisk or two....
Nexus critters
Lo and behold, @ found a [+7] ring of protection, "cursed" with "stops teleporting." And slipped it on for a nexus vortex that could only scramble, but not teleport elsewhere.

That "cursed" ring is not going away. Will take that to the depths of hell, or death, whicheve comes first.

Also found a +5 ring of strength cursed with "makes occasional noise" that frankly, has no meaning if used as a swap before some nasty softened up with range weapons closes the gap.
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