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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
Consistently using that ring will get you killed. It extends the timeline for getting out of a nasty situation by one turn, and that is plenty of time to die. Teleportation is the only feasible way of getting out of danger past dlvl 20 or so, when pretty much every monster can kill you while running away on foot. Titans and deep uniques in particular have a tendency to summon a bunch of monsters that could quite possibly kill you in one round, and if you have no way of teleporting, then your only option is Banish or Destruct, and those are in limited supply for most characters.
Not if you choose where you fight, know what the monster you are fighting can do and have reliable tele-other if/when nasty summon happens, if it can happen at all (anti-summoning corridors and use of glyphs). There you really don't want to teleport away or teleport to to happen...unless of course teleport prevention curse prevents tele-other too. Never fight summoners in open space deep in the dungeon.

Fighting with it does require some planning though. Not be able to blink or portal away from sticky situation can easily turn deadly if you fight without preparation and something very feeble and usually ignorable like priest or quythlygwhatitscalled can turn deadly by summoning something you really don't want to fight. So use that only when you have properly prepared for prolonged fight.
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