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A greater vault at dl11!
It looks like the only real tough monster in it (within detection range) is a night mare. ..and me with no possible way of getting into it.


Dark Elf                                                                        
Archer                                  ooooJhAFiodd   g vZZ.lN   Frx?Bpp   d S 
Bowman                                  oooo@OgOoooooo  ZoZZg   opoooopp   j y  
LEVEL     17                            oooooOoooooooo  ooopRg  oooooopp  n @ i 
NXT      375                            ooooooo   oo   pwo        ooooooy    p  
AU      3510                            ogOjoo  C  o mooo  l  pTp  oooooCb  S   
|}= "~(()]]]                             qqqo             poo       oooo      j 
STR:   18/20                              qq  C  C     @o ooookk  g  oo  CY  @o 
INT:      18                            d      SiO,X  iOdoooook  yuj    ywXr  , 
WIS:       7                             opoCCCSASpw   CCCoookk   fChCSC   d  w 
DEX:   18/20                            ppopoC         CCCCkkkkk  cCCCCCfIg  oo 
CON:      16                                                                    
CHR:       9                                                                    
Cur AC    44                                                                    
HP  144/ 144                                                                    
SP   18/  20                                                                    
Slime      3                                                                    
Full                                                            Study  Lev 11   
For awhile I waited for monsters to spawn to see if I could get a wand of stone to mud or wonder in a drop, but I didn't get any. Once, a rock mole spawned (has KILL_WALL) and I tried to get it in position to open the vault but I accidently killed it. Eventually, I had to recall cause I ran out of food.
For some reason, I didn't even think about detecting objects to see what loot I missed.
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