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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Note that stun amounts have no relation to how much damage is dealt; if you had an explosive breeder that breathed force for 1 damage, you could fight near it and effectively shut down your actually significant enemies (dunno what effect this would have on you, though; player stun works differently and is rather more complicated).
I remember one case when Dwar practically killed itself. It summoned light and vibration hounds. I resisted, it didn't. When I realized what he just did I just stand there and looked when those light and vibration hounds that were behind him breathed splash-damage to Dwar and slowly killed it bit by bit. When I got bored I delivered the final blow.

At that point I had a char that could have killed Dwar with one hand tied behind his back blindfolded. It just was so amusing that I waited a bit before killing him. Kind of like having unique YASD itself in front of me. I got a picture of Life of Brian suicide squad in front of me.
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