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What Linux Distro do you use? I'll take suggestions

I have this 2009 laptop rig that I'm planning to install Linux sometime in the future. My goals are: full screen OBS recording with music, be able to use VLC, and retro gaming AND strong Windows programs emulation support i.e. ?Wine

My exact laptop model is the Toshbia Satellite L505D-GS6000 Laptop. It has a 1366x768 max screen resolution, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series graphics card, wi-fi, 8GB RAM, and ~500GB Samsung PRO 860 SSD.

I have probable plans make that 500GB SSD exclusively for non-Windows operating systems. I might do an UbuntuLinux and OpenMandriva dual-boot along with another Linux distro or something really awesome.

I'll take any suggestions on what Linux / BSD / Unix I add to this particular SSD rig for good measure
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