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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
If you play with randarts, please tell me
  • Why you play randarts instead of standarts (whether sometimes or always)
  • What you like about current randarts
  • What you don't like about current randarts
  • Any other things you think might be relevant
To answer your questions:

I always play with randarts because it adds extra variation which makes a game more interesting. It means I have to identify them rather than just know what they do from years of playing (or peeking in the artifact.txt file) and I get more interesting choices to make

What do I like? That they are more varied than the standard set. Yes that means that sometimes you get something underpowered. Yes that means that sometimes things are covered (and invariably some protection or resist is under-represented) but from my point of view that is fine; you have to compromise equipment more than with the standard set most of the time which is definitely more interesting

There's not much I don't like about the the current randarts; in fact the only real thing I don't like is that you always get The One Ring, Grond and Crown (even if you are unlikely to find The One Ring). I do like your idea of throwing some standard artifacts into the mix but (for me) it would be better if these three fixed ones were not necessarily always present but could also be subject to randomisations

Anything else relevant? It would be nice if there was an easy way to quickly determine what was already covered by equipment both at home and carried but really that's a nice to have. I know at some point I will need to resort to a spreadsheet to work out the best equipment combination (or the least worst combination in some cases)
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