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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
If you play with randarts, please tell me
  • Why you play randarts instead of standarts (whether sometimes or always)
  • What you like about current randarts
  • What you don't like about current randarts
  • Any other things you think might be relevant

I am planning to update the randart code; I have some ideas, but I want to get players' opinions first before saying anything. Please, if you play with randarts, give me as much info as possible, and I will be less likely to break them horribly and make you hate me and your life.
Why: because I've played far too many games with standarts. They're very reliable at covering everything important while giving plenty of useful stat boosts. Randarts are anything but reliable, it makes the game more interesting.

What I like about randarts: the fact that I'll probably be missing something important for much of the game that I wouldn't be missing in a standart game. And it'll be a different thing each game! Plus sometimes you do roll triple 6s and get a randart set that just beats the pants off of anything you could get in standarts, but such things should be rare.

What I don't like: honestly, not much. They're in a pretty good place right now. Biggest problem would probably be uninspiring weapon randarts, which are probably based off of uninspiring artifacts (Paur*, *thanc, Elvagil) so no surprises there.

Other things: It'd be nice if we could see in the 'I'nspect screen what standart the randart is based off of. It'd help to calibrate expectations.
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