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New PWMAngband 1.5.0 beta 6 released!

- Fix crash when trying to write a parsing error message to server log during setup phase
- Fix gift generation to allow gold as gift
- Avoid randart activations that duplicate or conflict with other artifact properties
- Always initialize second argument passed to scatter()
- Fix disable_enter option
- Don't send a "clear" packet when pressing SPACE during setup phase
- Changing font size on Windows doesn't refresh terms properly
- Don't reposition the player on NO_STAIRS terrain when logging back in dungeons
- Fill out comments describing curse.txt
- Change handling of projections with unrevealed mimics
- Change lighting of walls on surface
- Don't deduct the cost of gifts from starting cash
- Initialize the RNG on the client
- Refactor hit chance calculation
- Update visuals after successfully tunneling
- Allow ignore while looking
- For town generation, also clear room flag on the walls
- Remove redundant item testers
- Update help

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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