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I don't object to an Alchemist-like class on principle, but as it was it was just broken (IMO) and a significant contributor to the TMJ problem. Something like a device-master might be interesting, perhaps. (Yes, I'm also very aware that there are other classes where you can get crazy strong characters, but they usually have a limitations in other areas to sort-of-balance them. They can also be quite tricky and hard to pull off. An example would be a bare-hand possessor in a GWOP/Ancalagon's body which transitions to Anti-magic.)

Alchemy was also a ton (several thousand lines, IIRC) of really messy code. I'm trying to focus on improving the code quality gradually to (eventually) make it a lot easier to implement e.g. new classes (or whatever). A lot of the more niche classes/skills etc. stand in the way of that, so sometimes it's easier to just outright remove it. (I'm also considering removing MUSIC as a spell type since it's only usable by one very niche class, the Bard, and it adds a lot of code complexity.)
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