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I love Doom but not as much as you I think! I play a few times a year, it and Doom 2. I use Zdoom so I can have easy mouselook. I haven't explored the mod scene or even tried brutal doom yet... I just like replaying the originals on ultra-violence. I cut my teeth on Wolf3d as well.

As for synth, I like the music from the game Hotline Miami and its sequel. There's a band called Perturbator that has some cool stuff online that I stumbled upon from the soundtrack, and some other bands from the game as well. It's not really my go-to genre but it's good for getting work done. I suppose that's kind of like synth.

I enjoyed Stranger Things too. I recently binge watched all the Black Mirror episodes on Netflix and it is really good too. Each episode is stand alone but all of them have some kind of really dark tone or subject matter.

If you are looking for a shooter than can get into your head like Doom can, try Devil Daggers. I really love Devil Daggers but I burned out sometime early this year trying to hit 500 seconds.
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