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Summoning is broken. Unfortunately most of the suggestions for fixing it result in the game becoming easier, and that's not likely to happen.

If I was to change summoning, the first thing I'd do is eliminate FRIENDS from summons. With the exception of time/gravity hounds this would actually make summonses harder. (ESCORT/S would be left as is, so that Gothmog comes with his full complement of greater balrogs and gelugons.)

The next thing I'd do is put an upper limit on the power of monsters that get summoned, dependent on the level of the summoner. Something like summoned monsters total levels < 2-4 times summoner level. I'm not sure whether ESCORTS should be immune. I kind of like that a Gothmog summon means GTFO now.

Putting a max level also get a more consistent difficulty of summons. No more groups of jackals, but no more 4 high uniques by Lorgan. It could also be independent of terrain. They'd still get summoned, even if there is no place to put them.

If I was feeling really evil, I would add some terrain dependent summons. If the summoner is surrounded by monsters, he'll summon something with PUSH_PAST or TRAMPLE. If the summoner is surrounded by walls, he'll be more likely to summon something with EAT_WALL or PASS_WALL. The goal would be to make more dangerous, targeted summons with less monsters.

Now, if monster mana ever gets implemented everything needs to be rethought.
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