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3.5 dev 626-Downstairs on DL99 w/o Sauron dead

Oddest thing, a downstairs was generated on DL99 without having killed Sauron. I wanted to take it, just to see what would happen, but Sauron was in the room and I had to bug out with a teleport. It will be very difficult since I'm way under leveled for this depth, but maybe I can work my way back to that room and give those stairs a go!

Whoa! I managed to phase into the room, teleport away Sauron and dash down the stairs before a Dracolisk breathed. DL 100 and teleported away from Morgoth and recalled to Town. OMG! DL 100, massively under-leveled, Sauron is alive and presumable Morgoth could summon him and I'd be faced with both bosses at once! This is scary!

And able to run down stairs from there! DL 101 and the bosses are both alive! Used ?Deep Descent all the way to the bottom, DL127. Bypassed both bosses. Sometimes on these deep levels they show up, but they are not guaranteed, unlike for DL 99 and DL100.

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