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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
I want to comment on some of these.
Thank you, I highly appreciate your feedback. What variant would you recommend I should look into for a "best" example SDL interface?

I would like to have both Angband's 'h' quick shoot and Unangband's 'h' item-based interaction keys in Zangband. I find them both very convenient.

Kangband's town features look very similar to those in Poschengband, do they share the same source? Where do the casino's originate from?

The static worlds and stories of tome2 and Unangband offer more variety and personality than Zangband's random world. But maybe Z's random world can be expanded to offer more interesting procedurally generated landscapes, procedurally generate more feature-rich town houses like those found in Kangband and offer multiple town themes to give each town more personality and a reason to explore the world without expecting more of the same. Townfolk could sometimes leak rumours and monsters can speak based on AI actions similar to friendband. Some monsters could have static witty dialogue that suits them.

I like the special quests from tome2, kangband and poschengband, because they offer a special quest location, quest level and a reason to kill a monster. Much better than the random "kill monster on level" quests. If each monster had its own static quest motivation description and both quest building / location and quest level could be procedurally generated, random quests could be more interesting.

If Z+Angband offers sound and music, that's great. If it doesn't work, I'm not keen on fixing separate interfaces. That's where the SDL interface could come to the rescue, one interface to fix and test everything. If I fix it for linux, it'll be fixed for windows too without neglecting one or the other.
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