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About Kangband; it is the source for a lot of the things poschengband inherited though zangband and hengband. Town buildings, town quests, dungeon quests etc.

Originally Posted by droof View Post
I like the special quests from tome2, kangband and poschengband, because they offer a special quest location, quest level and a reason to kill a monster. Much better than the random "kill monster on level" quests. If each monster had its own static quest motivation description and both quest building / location and quest level could be procedurally generated, random quests could be more interesting.
The questfile formats from Kangband through to poschengband are rather similar, with the latter being easier to create and work with. If you can hack some procgen into poschengbandlike quests I'd be interested in stealing it.

I have been thinking of using conditionals to randomise layout the way they are currently used to randomise quest rewards, so thieves hideout would have half a dozen layouts. There is a bug which defaults the random number to 0 in some situations. We have a fix for it (thankyou Sideways) but I haven't committed it yet because it'll break savefiles and I have a character on the go.
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