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Persistent bugs

Squelch bugs persist in Oct 05 dev 574. Appears to squelch one quality level above what is indicated (e.g., setting squelch of Elven Cloaks to "Excellent, but not splendid" squelches "Non-artifact" instead). There seems to be some disconnectedness between squelching from the inventory/equipment menus and squelching from the options menu, they don't seem to match up. Digger squelching is limited. Unclear what the new category "Great Weapons" covers.

Another persistent bug is in targeting. When a monster is just around the corner and you can "see" it, you can target it. You can also target that location if a monster is not there. However, if a monster is on that location and you cannot "see" it, then targeting will not lock.

Finally, dropping items from inventory/equipment menus still has persistent, albeit intermittent, bugs. For example, you id an item and go to drop it, but the option isn't available. You have to leave the menus, select "d"rop and then drop the item. Still haven't figured out why this is intermittent. Possibly in connection with having inscriptions on the items, and/or items being ego or artifact items, and/or items in the quiver?
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