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What version are you currently playing? It sounds like you have been getting screwed for a long time. That is really bizarre.

A scientific minded person would say people don't have good or bad luck. Personally, in games with a lot of RNG, I find my luck to swing very strongly both ways, but overall I feel that in RNG games I have better than average luck; that is to say; I feel like I get more good fortune than law of averages maybe should provide. On the other hand, I do get some crazy bad luck at times (one breath of a young blue dragon destroying the one out of 5 different metal objects in my inventory that just happened to by my only wand of TO).

I have been playing this game actively about two years. Lately I have been playing *a lot*. I dunno how many games I've played, but I have picked up a 'thanc at DL10 or less probably five to eight times all told.

I don't think I've had such a bad melee at the end game as a broad sword, ever (aren't broad swords like one of the worst weapons in the game after awl-pikes?) I used to play about 100k turns a game but have been diving more of late and even when I dive aggressively I still usually find good equipment by DL80s. Of course, games where I don't find good equipment, I don't live to see DL80. I'd say 1 out of 5 games the RNG feels like it is against me and I can't get the gear I need to continue diving without dying not n(h)eedlessly.

EDIT: Do you use rods of treasure detection? This is one of the last items if I have too many good items vying for place in my pack that I will drop. I'm very curious how you go about exploring the dungeon/finding items. If you're playing Rogue, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding secret rooms as they have really good Searching, right?

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