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Request: Ability to zoom out term-6 (overhead view)

I really like the new dark tileset on 4.2.1, but I end up playing it at 1x1 multiplier so I can see more area. I was thinking it would be great if we could zoom out the term-6 overview (or set it to premade values in options) to make it show more area. Would look nice with this tileset at 3x2, and the overview off to side, or on a second monitor, for quick checks on what is unexplored.

This would be way more useful IMO than the compressed map 'M' when using a tileset. With ASCII, I don't need something like this, I don't even use term-6. But this tileset is sexy enough for this change. Also 'L' isn't as useful at 3x2 either, because it's zoomed in a bit much. But you get to see glorious pixel details at 3x2!
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