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So right. Some characters absolutely have to dive, because otherwise the tedium of picking off puny monsters is extreme. Anyone who was paying attention to the forums when Eddy posted "Tales of the Bold" will understand this, even if they don't agree. Compared to "Adventures of the Novice Mage" (paraphrased earlier thread title), it's night and day. More fun, more interesting, more educational, and less likely to lead to YASD due to inattention after dozens of hours.

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Final comment/rant(for now )

Ok, I get this & don't. Let's talk 2 different characters. 2 different gamestyles.

I play a big bad bruiser (Half-Giant Warrior?). Fight things. Get stronger. Fight bigger things. Get stronger etc. Works within the design philosophy.

I play a small sneaky guy with teleport games (say a Shrewd Sprite Sorcery Rogue). My whole stick is avoiding fights. My fun comes from playing where things are super dangerous. Where I have to concentrate & constantly detect because everything is dangerous. My fun does not come from fighting/killing a thousand things my own size because the game has enforced a brick wall on progression of which sections of the game I have access to.
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