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Since we're all opening up, I'll mentioned my own pet peeve here. It's turn loss for actions that are clearly disallowed. This seems to be the intended behavior, which bothers me. This is most visible (and probably most controversial, i.e. I'll probably find the most disagreement) for actions incompatible with the Nervous/Scared statuses, but it shows up in other situations as well.

There's a term I heard once in discussions in the roguelike community (probably back in the newsgroup days... if any remaining newsgroup users will forgive my use of the past tense): "false difficulty." You're not fighting the challenge set up by the game rules, but rather fighting the interface instead - e.g. fighting not to ever overlook status text on the right/top (scared/nervous) while your eyes are mainly focused on the viewport.

I would rather stick to strictly fighting the challenges set up by the game rules.
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