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where are my arrows?

how rare exactly are arrows of slay evil?

i'm now at 7 million XP, have been grinding DL97 for over a dozen runs, and in the entire game i found ONE stack of plain arrows of slay evil, and no holy might. i think in my entire career i have found maybe 3 or 4 stacks of HM arrows (i see bolts of HM much more often, there was one already in this game).
but slay evil?? i can't even find unbranded seeker arrows, i must have found maybe 3 unbranded seeker and 4-5 unbranded mithril in the whole game .. and you know what my games are like. i've had time to find 2 rods of heal, 1 of restoration, a dragon armor artifact, every ring of power short of the one ring, but still no HM. wow.
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