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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Could you explain this a bit further? Making the equipment minigame more interesting I can understand, but why is it less believable if all elements have the same damage cap? Why should chaos necessarily be more destructive than light (where there's no real limit on how many photons you can shove at something), or nether more destructive than sound (where, again, there's no limit on how loud something can be)? I'm not trying to do an "appeal to reality" here, just saying that just because we're used to some elements being "weenie elements" that are never going to be relevant damage-wise, doesn't mean that that's automatically more plausible than them all sharing the same cap.
My intuition across a range of fantasy games and fiction, is that some elements sound very physically destructive (such as fire, chaos or nether), while others sound more focused on side effects than on sheer destructive force (such as sound, dark or disenchantment).


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