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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Your "slow to a crawl" bug is faithfully captured as ticket #1265 - it's not fixed because whoever can reproduce it can't/hasn't fixed it. Eddie is the only other person who has mentioned being able to reproduce it, AFAIK, and I don't know if he's fixed it in his local version. (Eddie specifically mentioned that using the map window slows the game independently of flickering, so there may be two separate bugs here.) I don't think any of the dev team (including fizzix, who uses Windows) can reproduce this slowness.
I just gave it a shot and couldn't reproduce it. Timo, is it necessary for the flickering monster to show up in the overhead view subwindow for the slowness and map flickering to occur, or does the flickering monster just have to be in the main window? Do you have a savefile and preferences file that we can use for testing purposes?

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
On colours, it's fine for ATTR_FLICKER monsters to start as their base colour (don't they already?). I'm not sure that ATTR_MULTI monsters *have* a base colour - what is the base colour of AMHDs or GWoMCs??
Makes sense to me, too. I've made this change, which will be in our next dev release (hopefully tomorrow).
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