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Originally Posted by Galen View Post
Yes. Unfortunately, I didn't save the character dump (because I was mad )

Yeah, the problem was not enough damage output to prevent myself from being surrounded. I really should've saved the dump. But, anyway... I had a deathblade 'Delmereth' and 30 melee (when buffed). And also 30 evasion, and song of slaying. And not a ton of armor (IIRC, 5-16 armor), because I found a robe of speed (that gives perma-haste, not sprinting). My impression is that haste from an item doesn't stack with potions of quickness. Is that so? If yes, that robe was pretty bad (for the throne room).
OTOH, that were two characters in a row that reached Morgy's room. The game itself doesn't seem difficult, but the throne room is not like the rest of it. I think the throne room is bad, and has a bad influence on other parts of the game (namely, the grinding on level 19). But maybe other people like it that way, I dunno.
Slow is 1, normal speed is 2, quick is 3, max speed is 4. Permahaste is always great, methinks, although I never had it. 30/30 is pretty good (if Delmereth is used with subtlety that is). Rage + song of slaying should make short work of almost everything in the throne room. Similar build in old version (with stronger song of sharpness): - it made short work of Morgoth as well back then.
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