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If you're going to melee the throne room without much stealth/vanish, you want to have song of slaying and herbs of rage. Walk to the middle of the throne room without breaking tension, wait for dudes to pool around you, buff, rage, and then sing slaying. The latter (I think) should break tension, and you can rack up a +40 melee bonus pretty quickly. Then wack Morgoth and use said melee bonus to get your sil as quickly as you can and GTFO.
Yeah, that's what I did, and it worked pretty well until Morgoth created a pit right under my dude. Which I totally didn't expect. But now I think that the upstairs would've been a much better place to fight. I don't know, but it seems very unlikely that pits can be created on the same tile as stairs. Also, the stairs are right next to a wall. And being close to stairs is also good for escaping. I think the next time I'll just copy the save file and experiment with it. Right now I'm playing mainline Angband, its actually more fun than I thought it would be
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