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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
I haven't played FAngband, could you expand on this
First of all, FAangband has a very Tolkien-esque (Silmarillion-based) feeling. Nick has done a great job with certain locations to give you the feeling of traveling through Beleriand.
(The outside world certainly adds a nice touch to the otherwise somewhat bland dungeon crawler. Also, there is more than one dungeon and more than one town. )

Then there are minor decorative things in the dungeons like brokens sticks and broken weapons, and skeletons and such, that have long been removed from vanilla.

Uncursed items with negative values are also gone in vanilla, some say for good . Of course they are garbage, but they add flavor. (I recall a guide on Thangorodrim, I bielieve, that supposed ways to make use of junk items in desperate situations.)
There are also mean things like sticky curses that are arguable, but they add to the overall feeling, because you never know what you get and you must be much more careful with items than in vanilla. This is obviously opposed to the new identify-by-use mechanism in vanilla, which wouldn't go well with sticky curses.

On top of that there are many items (much more than in vanilla) with pros and cons. Together with the fractional resistances you get a plethora of possibilities what properties items can have. I find jewelry in particular more interesting than in vanilla.

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