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+1 for FAangband. I think it's among the very best variants out there. I don't play it as much as this estimation would warrant, because it's too serious/difficult for me when I usually want to blow of steam with something easier/sillier.

Oangband deserves a mention as the progenitor of FAangband, but again the difficulty is too demanding for me to play it much.

Sil deserves a mention of course.

Poschengband development being finished and the last few versions being deeply flawed, I'd look to it's successors instead:

Composband: this is my variant, I made it, therefore it's just right.

FrogComposband: this is a variant of my variant, I mildly disagree with many of the design decisions which is why someone else needed to make a variant. It's also being developed at a higher speed.

Composband will be better when I get round to making it better though
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