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So, I got myself interested into Portralis due to the deep class fusing system, as well as the RPG elements that came with it.

I created a character, which I plan to go for a shadowmancer assassin with time travelling powers (because why not), and I stepped into the world. Everything went smoothly up until I got to the point when I got into level 2, that's when things just got stuck.

I can't gain any more experience, and thus I can't literally fight with virtually anyone except rats of all things. Even after how many rats I kill, I can't gain any more experience.

I have already placed in the levels in both the base stats as well as the skills, and I have learned all the new abilities. I am completely at a loss as to what went wrong here.

Does anybody got an idea as to a way to fix this? Seriously, I like this game, but that bug just bugged me off. (Pardon the pun)
Well, I think I found a fix for it, it's apparently a compatibility issue. A simple switch to compatibility mode to windows 7 will do.
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