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Forced Iron-man?

I'm confused. I've never been a big fan of angband ironman games. The game is difficult enough to begin with without dying because I ran out of light or food or escapes or cures. I also like to know what my artifacts/weapons do. The way I learn most runes is by either using or selling.

I HATE making inventory decisions because I'm out of slots already. You're going to deny me access to the house? <ick>

No upstairs never made sense to me. Are the stairs all chutes/trapdoors that go down a level. No level regen would make sense but the game's been this way for 30 years. I've always assumed the stairs were multiple and you just ended up on a different floor when you came back up.

I mean, I guess "I like ironman. We should make the default ironman" is a perspective. But if you want to play ironman, there's no reason you can't play it that way without making everyone else play it that way. When they turned off selling as a default (which I liked), there was a trade off of gold being relatively more common in the dungeon. What tradeoff do you propose for making iron man the default?
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