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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Sounds very interesting though, and I'd love to be able to query that database, maybe make some plots tracking stats against dungeon level and suchlike.
When I've created it, I'll make it public. It'll be a slow download, but it won't go anywhere. In fact instead of ppl needing to download it I'll put up a web interface for querying it (with some help from myshkin and d_m!).
Any plans to have a version that uses randarts instead? I know the randart generator is expensive to run, though. Given that you're just tracking the artifact index number, maybe it'd be possible to generate a set of randarts, use them as the artifact set for a series of runs (maybe only a few hundred), save stats, generate a new set of randarts, etc. The goal would be to see how randarts track compared to standarts on various metrics, if there's something they consistently do better or worse in (e.g. off-weapon damage boosts, elemental immunities, pConf...).

Even without randarts I'm sure this will provide much interesting data. Best of luck!
It can already deal with randarts via the -r subopt to -mstats. The problem is that the current randart generator is dog slow, and slows down the runs by a factor of 10-20. (You can still do ~1000 runs in about six hours though.) This is on my to-do list for 3.4 though.

But no, the idea is not to sim randarts specifically. Your goal can be achieved by doing the runs with randarts and comparing the total availability of OF_FOO with the total availability using standarts. There is no need to compare standarts directly with randarts without looking at what's actually available in the dungeon, IMO. If there is, it would be much quicker and simpler to write a dedicated sim.

It would be quite easy to set a number of runs between each new set of randarts (it currently defaults to 1, which simulates real games), but the problem would be writing out the intermediate data.

Let's see how we get on.
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