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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
I changed my opinion:

Subtlety + Flanking

Majesty + Song of Elbereth

Song of Lorien

These are all pretty interesting. I think that Song of Lorien and Listen are typically undervalued (i.e. they are amazingly powerful game-changers and people merely think they are pretty good). I haven't really tried Majesty or Song of Elbereth, but they are not normally thought to be all that good. I've read you recent character sheet though and can see where you are coming from.

Subtlety is definitely thought to be great. Flanking seems to be thought to be good but not great by most players. What are you thinking of with this combination? Are you implicitly including Dodging too? (It is possible to get Flanking without Dodging via an artefact).
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