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These are all pretty interesting. I think that Song of Lorien and Listen are typically undervalued (i.e. they are amazingly powerful game-changers and people merely think they are pretty good). I haven't really tried Majesty or Song of Elbereth, but they are not normally thought to be all that good. I've read you recent character sheet though and can see where you are coming from.

Subtlety is definitely thought to be great. Flanking seems to be thought to be good but not great by most players. What are you thinking of with this combination? Are you implicitly including Dodging too? (It is possible to get Flanking without Dodging via an artefact).
I found the catskin in my last two games! Flanking is useful like that, but it really shines with all the combinations in a real melee character, but probably depends on the kind of build you like. If you are hoarding bonus evasion (w/ dodging) and bonus attacks (w/ zoc) and speed (w/ sprinting), it is brilliant. For melee builds I think it is a game changer similar to polearm/controlled retreat/knockback, not necessarily in power, there are other great abilities, but you start to move in a completely different way. (It is much more exciting than the somewhat grindy play I fell into with artistry and good melee without abilities builds.)

Afaik nobody really experimented with majesty / intimidation except as an escape. For Egrent it was more for crowd control and keeping distance especially from cats, wolves and otherwise tough troll guards. No listen but high light just fitted nicely into the theme (and helped a lot w/ trolls bringing them into Elbereth range and especially vampires). I had 8 light before cutting a Silmaril and the maximum for show effects (after killing Carcharoth) was 15. It works against a much more limited range of opponents than stealth or Lorien (even worm masses can sleep) but on the other hand you can manipulate their movement instead of making them sleep on top of the jewelled chest.

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