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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
For melee builds I think it is a game changer similar to polearm/controlled retreat/knockback, not necessarily in power, there are other great abilities, but you start to move in a completely different way. (It is much more exciting than the somewhat grindy play I fell into with artistry and good melee without abilities builds.)
I'm still interested in digging a bit deeper on this one. I agree that good play with Flanking feels very different from good play without it. It is one thing to just be moving back and forth while in melee with a single foe (getting the [+3] from Dodging, basically). It is another thing to be fighting two smart foes in a room and moving such that you get an attack on one of them each round, but at most one of them attacks you. This lets you have the power of one-on-one combat against two foes, and the [+3] from being in a room, and the flexibility for retreat from being in a room. Three foes is also manageable, but I'm not sure how many of them get to attack you each turn.

With Sprinting, you can also be fast. At best this would be an additional +50% damage output, but realistically I can't manage to keep a up a movement pattern that lets me be fast while also doing optimal combat positioning. It is still an advantage though.

Flanking + Sprinting + Charge is also its own kind of advantage, as you can pull off a charge while still keeping the Sprint.

If you add Knock Back, there are some other crazy things to do. Some patterns let you get off an attack each normal-speed round against a single opponent who never gets a turn (so long as your attacks connect and the Knock Back triggers...).

I see how it goes well with high evasion (by allowing Dodging while attacking and getting very high evasion), and how it goes well with Riposte (since this converts the very high evasion to attack power). I don't really see how something like ZoC or Subtlety goes well with it though.
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